What's New

July Update

Tom Elliot
July 3, 2024
What's New

Snappy new video

We've been sprucing things up - we already shared the [new site](https://www.fluidseo.app), and this month we've got a snappy video on the [Webflow Marketplace](https://webflow.com/apps/detail/fluidseo) to help show off how FluidSEO can help teams launch and get found.

All New Smart SEO Boost

We've cleaned up the Smart SEO Boost feature - now it's easier to use, but also more stable.

Flow Gurus + FluidSEO

Kaleb from Flow Gurus & Relume has put together the ultimate checklist for launching a Webflow site: 5 years and 200 websites worth of knowledge in one place.

If you're sometimes unsure if you did everything you needed to before launch, this is the answer. And now we're partnering up - FluidSEO is the go-to tool for the SEO section.

Kaleb's got a deal on the checklist right now, so it's a great time to buy it. Check it out here.

We've got big plans for next month, so keep your eyes peeled for something cool.